Beyond the Ice Cream Cone
The Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World's Fair
by Pamela J. Vaccaro

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Photos from the Book

Photo of 10-ft Prune Bear
California displayed a 10-foot prune bear at its exhibit in the Palace of Agriculture.
-Photo courtesy of Max Storm

The Nut Elephant from the California Exhibit.
-Photo courtesy of Max Storm

World's Fair Souvenir Cook Book
Mrs. Rorer's Souvenir CookBook was as popular as the famous cook's participation at the Fair. Chapters include her recipes.
-Author's Collection

H.J. Heinz Company was one of many companies to give away free samples at the Fair.
-Photo Courtesy H.J. Heinz Co.

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Chapter 9

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"Pam Vaccaro did her homework.  I learned so much while being highly entertained."

Max Storm,
President and Founder of the
St. Louis World's Fair Society

Chapters in...

Beyond The Ice Cream Cone

1.  Welcome to the Fair!
2.  Everyone Ate at the Fair
3.  Concessionaires and their Wares
4.  The Fairer Sex at the Fair
5.  Everyone Drank at the Fair
6.  The Fare at the Fair
7.  Free Lunch at the Fair
8.  Food for Thought
9.  Supersizing at the Fair
10.  Truths, Half-Truths and Anything but
        theTruth (about food at the Fair)
11.  Daily Specials
12.  Main Course Events
13.  Food Fights at the Fair
14.  Leftovers
15.  Fond "Adieu"
Did you know?

-A farmer from Louisiana brought a 4-foot, 125-pound sweet potato to display at the Fair.
-One California county exhibit gave away $500 (1904 dollars) worth of prunes before noon each day.
-U.S. military loved getting stationed at the Fair because their mess halls served great food.
-The Fair was 13 times the size of the Magic Kingdom and had 130 eateries.

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